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CRM Features

Lead Management

Salespeople looking for new business turn to CRM leads. The first step in using a lead is the qualification step. This is the process of determining if the prospect has the potential to be a good customer fit for your business based on the prospect's need for your solution, his willingness and ability to buy and the potential time frame for purchase. Once qualified, a lead turns into a contact or opportunity in CRM. Salespeople want to keep CRM listings organized for efficiency.

  • Manage key persons of corporate type contacts.
  • Converting lead to contact or customer.
  • Manage activities related to contact.
  • Lead related notes/comments.
  • Listing lead history.

Contact Management

Enterspine CRM Contacts are the people that your organization will have or already has an on-going relationship. Provides a fully integrated approach to tracking all of the information and communication activities related to contacts. It enables users to easily store and find contact information, related sales , opportunities and associated activities and comments.

  • Manage Contact categories.
  • Manage Contact source.
  • Contact Key Person management.
  • Manage Interested Products.
  • Manage Contact Opportunities.
  • Manage Sales Quotes.
  • Manage Sales Orders.
  • Manage Sales Invoices.
  • Manage Contact activities.
  • Manage Service Requests.
  • Contact Activity History.
  • Manage Contact notes/comments.
  • Manage handling executive.
  • Send contact mail.
  • Contact Search Option.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity signals the kickoff of your company’s sales process with a potential or existing client.With Enterspine CRM you can effectively handle the Opportunity/Sales stages and the sales management made easier. Configurable Opportunity stages gives you the flexibility to configure the sales stages for your organization rather than following a predefined system. All the details related to a particular opportunity like Activities, Product, Contact, Products Involved, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Sales Stage History and Comments are accessible from a single window and will make the management easier.

  • Manage Opportunity Stages
  • Manage Related Products
  • Manage notes/comments
  • Manage Activities
  • Manage Quotes
  • Manage Sales Orders
  • Manage Invoice
  • Manage Contact Roles
  • Manage Sales Document Templates
  • Opportunity Search Option.

Product Management

Products are the assets of the organization. Enterspine CRM system allows a business to record it's Products and related relevant information so that sales staff and other CRM users can use product information fully and correctly in their business activities. You can add/manage different product categories and can assign products to these categories so that product management made easier and organized. Price Book helps your executives to create the price book based on their requirement and easily access to the price details of the wide range of products in the organisation and even they can share this pricebook amoung clients with the mailing option and export option.

  • Mange product categories.
  • Product price management.
  • After sale service details configuration.
  • Product Guaranty and Warranty management.
  • Product Annual Maintenance Charge(AMC) management.
  • Price book management.
  • Export Price Book as PDF document.
  • Price book email option.
  • Product search option.

Activity Management

Plan your day to day activities using Enterspine CRM activity management. Calendar and List view of activities gives you the freedom to choose the display method. Excellent activity reminder feature keeps you notified with unhandled activities of the particular day. You can also mange the activities of your sub-ordinates and even can assign activities to them. Activities can be created as part of wide variety of business transactions,such as leads,contacts,opportunities,or service requests.

  • List/Calendar view for activity display.
  • Executive/Team wise activity filtering option.
  • Activity notifications
  • Privilege based view of activities.
  • Manage event invitation and notification email.
  • Manage recurrent activity.
  • Activity filtering option.
  • Change activity owner.

Service Management

After sale service management section allows customer service teams to capture relevant details about case and record in the system. This helps them to resolve customer problems as quickly as possible. Service personnel's are, thus, empowered to take accurate decisions on every service request as quickly as possible. Enterspine CRM is featured with configurable service status and can assign request to these and manage them accordingly. You can manage Service AMC from this section and you will be notified with AMC expiry alerts also.

  • Mange service handlers.
  • Manage activities related to service request.
  • Manage service request status
  • Manage service request notes/comments.
  • Manage activities related to each service request.
  • Manage Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC).
  • View the history of the service request .
  • Manage service charges .
  • Option to send email to service requester.
  • Option to download service invoice as PDF document
  • Invoice email option.


Get instant access to your sales, services, and marketing performances. Provides a real time snap shot of organization sales process. Using dash boards you can easily visualize comparisons.Enterspine CRM provides reports in all module such as contact,leads,opportunity,service requests,activities with customization options.

  • Reports can be export in PDF as well as excel format.
  • Employee as well as team wise filtering option.
  • Time period based filtering option.
  • Leads reports.
  • Contacts report.
  • Opportunity report.
  • Service report.
  • Activity report.
  • Interactive pie charts for quick and easy comparison.

Sales Quotes

To offer products to Customer. Quote is a records information for a sales quotation, i.e. price, quantities, and other terms, for a opportunity . Enterspine CRM system supports you in the creation of quotes for potential customers. A quotation can be created for a opportunity, for easy and automatic transfer of the customer data to the quote.

  • Create/Manage sales quotes for opportunities.
  • keep track of sales quotes and status updates.
  • Efficient way to add edit products in quotes.
  • Send mail with attached quotes.
  • Create multiple quotes for same opportunity.

Sales Orders

A Sales Order is a document used internally by businesses to track and complete a customer order. A sales order may be for products and/or services. Enterspine CRM system allows you to record and manage Sales Orders and related information as part of your sales process. Once a quotation is approved, a Sales Order can be created directly from a Quote detail view. All the relevant data from existing records will be automatically populated in the Sales Order.

  • Create/Manage sales orders for opportunities.
  • Keep track of sales orders and status updates.
  • Efficient way to add edit products in orders.
  • Can create sales orders from approved quotes directly.
  • Sending mail with attached orders.
  • Create multiple sales order for same opportunity.


An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided the buyer. Once a sales order is approved, an Invoice can be created directly from a order detail view. All the required data will be automatically added to the Invoice.

  • Create/Manage invoices for opportunities
  • Sending mail with attached invoice.
  • keep track of invoices and status updates.
  • add edit products in invoices.
  • Create invoices from approved orders directly.
  • Create multiple invoices for same opportunity.

Security Administration

The user security administration functions are the core of CRM security management, and are used to control the access to the CRM system for each user . Enterspine CRM provides a privilege system that allows you to control who can view, edit, delete or create each type of CRM data. User level and access permissions can be assigned on a per-user basis. These can be modified individually,so each user's access can be limited.System also maintain a log of each action performed along with a time stamp and name of user who performed the action, so the user can easily track even smallest change in the system.


Enterspine CRM on Mobile

Enterspine Mobile CRM enables you to add, edit and manage your interaction and relationships with current or prospective customers through mobile applications on hand held mobile devices, PDAs and tablet PCs. Enterspine Mobile CRM is typically designed for users such as sales or marketing personnel who often require remote access to the organization’s core CRM application. mobile CRM provide the same functionality and services as a desktop or typical Enterspine CRM without the need for prior installation .With Enterspine CRM Sales executives can access the data from anywhere any time.

  • Responsive design
  • Access from anywhere
  • Easy access and management
  • Minimum load time
  • Automatic device detection
  • Effective user interface


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  • Upto 5 employees
  • Upto 1000 leads+contact records
  • Lifetime License
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